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At VTD Systems, Inc., located in Elyria, OH, we take pride in providing custom machining solutions for our customers. For over 24 years, we have earned an incredible reputation for the highest quality and best on-time delivery in the industry. Our 9000 sq. ft. building was designed and constructed specifically to accommodate our growing machined products business and equipment needs.

Services We Provide

We offer an array of services to our clients. Our aim has always been to make the process as simple for you as possible. With that in mind, along with our world-class machining and fabrication abilities, we inventory products on our site and provide periodic reordering reminders to you. This way you don’t need to waste space housing parts in your facility.

CNC Machining, Elyria, OH

CNC Machining

CAD & CAM Engineering Capabilities, Elyria, OH

CAD & CAM Engineering Capabilities

Custom Packaging, Elyria, OH

Custom Packaging

Finishing, Elyria, OH


Swiss Turn Milling & Turning, Elyria, OH

Swiss Turn Milling & Turning

Fabricating, Elyria, OH


Precision Welding, Elyria, OH

Precision Welding

Assembly, Elyria, OH


Inventory, Elyria, OH


Reordering Reminders, Elyria, OH

Reordering Reminders

Products We Provide

We produce a wide range of close tolerance components for many industries, including fluid and gas flow systems, custom performance automotive parts, medical device companies, The Department of Defense, US Military, and many other manufacturers. We are customer-focused machine shop with precision metal and plastic machining capabilities.


Our Machinery:

HAAS Vertical Mill
Mori-Seiki NH4000 Horizontal mill
Mori-Seiki Chucker Lathes
2012 Mori-Seiki NLX2500Y with Live Tooling
2014, 2017 Mori Seiki NLX1500SY with Sub Spindle and Live Tooling
2016 NLX 2000 Lathe
Tsugami 20mm Swiss
Tsugami 32mm Swiss with Twin Spindles and Live Tooling
Browne & Sharpe CMM

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